Someone at a pickup or delivery location is aggressive or making me feel uncomfortable. What do I do?

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Sometimes you may arrive at a pick-up or drop off location, and the person seems not to be aware that you were arriving and act defensively, rude and/or makes you wait.

If this happens, it is important to stay calm and Sherpa Support. Our support team will do what they can to ensure this won't happen again by getting in touch with the customer and their recipient.

At times, the recipient may ask you to enter their house to deliver the items into their home (especially food and beverage deliveries).

Please note that Sherpa offers door to door delivery services. Therefore as a Sherpa driver, you are in your right to refuse to enter the recipients home if you are not comfortable with the situation. 

If you do encounter a person who is aggressive, violent or shows other threatening behaviour, it is important to let us know. Please reach out to us via chat, call or email as soon as possible when you encounter situations like these. 

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