How to Avoid Damages When Delivering Fragile Items

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A delivery is marked as fragile, what can I do to avoid damages?

Some deliveries with Sherpa involve fragile items like flowers, cakes, or glassware that need extra care. Follow these steps to ensure these items arrive safely:

  1. Identify Fragile Items:

    • When you accept a booking, check if the item is marked as fragile in the Driver App. You can read more about identifying fragile items by clicking here.
  2. Check the Item at Pick-Up:

    • Ensure the item is in good condition. If you notice any visible damage, inform the customer so they can replace it if necessary.
  3. Secure the Item in Your Vehicle:

    • Place the item in a stable location where it won't move around, such as the footwell of the passenger seat or on the floor in the backseat. Avoid placing it in the boot where it can shift and get damaged.
  4. Handle with Care:

    • For flowers, hold them upright by the stems. For cakes or other fragile desserts, support the box from the bottom and keep it flat.
  5. Find a Safe Drop-Off Spot:

    • If the recipient isn't home and you have Authority to Leave (ATL), choose a safe and practical location. Avoid direct sunlight for items like flowers or baked goods.

Important Reminder

As a Sherpa driver, you are responsible for the items in transit. If the goods arrive damaged, the cost may be deducted from your next payment. Always handle with care to avoid any issues.

For any further questions or support, feel free to reach out through the Sherpa Driver app's live chat or contact us directly.

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