Updating Account Information

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If you need to update the information you've provided to Sherpa, such as payment details, email address, emergency contacts, or delivery preferences, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Sherpa:

    • Open a web browser and go to the Sherpa website.
    • Log in to your Sherpa account using your username and password.

  2. Access My Account:

    • Once logged in, locate and click on "My Account" to direct you to your account settings.

  3. Select Information to Update:

    • Within the My Account section, you'll find various categories of information you can update.
    • Click on the specific information you want to change, such as payment details or delivery preferences.

  4. Updating Your Profile Picture:

    • To update your profile picture, follow the instructions here.

  5. Changing Your Name:

    • If you need to update your name, please contact Sherpa Support by submitting a ticket through our Help Centre.

  6. Get Assistance:

    • If you have any questions or encounter issues while updating your Sherpa account information, reach out to Sherpa Support.
    • Submit a ticket through the Help Centre for assistance.

Keeping your Sherpa account information updated ensures accuracy and helps us serve you better.

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