Alcohol Handling and Delivery

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What is required by my contractor agreement regarding the Responsible Sale of Alcohol (RSA) laws?

As per your contractor agreement, you are required to adhere to RSA laws in a delivery context. Sherpa Pty Ltd is bound by these rules and we must ensure that you are trained to adhere to Australian laws.


How to Adhere to RSA Laws in Delivery:

  1. Do not deliver alcohol to anyone under the age of 18.
  2. Recognise signs of intoxication and do not provide alcohol to anyone if intoxication is established.
  3. Do not leave alcohol unattended (unless Authourity to Leave has been granted).

Fines exceeding $29,000 can apply if you are found providing alcohol to a minor or an intoxicated person.


How to Deliver Alcohol:

  1. Check ID Requirements: Depending on the state you're delivering in, you must either ask for and sight a valid ID irrespective of the age of the recipient, or ask for and sight a valid ID if the recipient appears under the age of 25. Click here to see which set of laws you must follow.

  2. If the Individual is Under 18: Do not handover the alcohol (or cigarettes) under any circumstances. Politely refuse to leave the item(s), say you are required by law to return the alcohol to the store, and log a paid return delivery back to the store.

  3. If the Person Who Ordered is Not Present: Ask to see the person who ordered the alcohol (or cigarettes). If that person is not there, ask the individual at the door to show ID. If they cannot provide a valid ID or are underage, politely refuse to leave the item(s) and take the item(s) back to the store.

  4. If the Recipient is Intoxicated: If you arrive and the person is noticeably intoxicated or you suspect intoxication, do not leave the alcohol. Politely refuse to deliver the item(s), say you are required by law to return the alcohol to the store, and log a paid return delivery back to the store. For more information on how to recognise intoxication click here.


How to Refuse Delivery:

We must refuse service to any person:

  • Who is under 18 and/or cannot provide ID
  • Who we suspect is accepting liquor for a minor
  • Who appears to be intoxicated or disorderly


What to Say: "I’m sorry, by law I cannot leave these products with you. Please speak with the company you placed this order with to arrange a refund or re-delivery at a later date."


Acceptable Forms of ID: You can read more about acceptable forms of ID in Australia here. Remember that all forms of ID presented by a recipient must be valid.


Important Information Specific to Alcohol Deliveries:

  • It is illegal to leave alcohol deliveries unattended if no one is home, the job is NOT marked with an ATL tag, and it can’t be left somewhere safe and out of sight from passers-by.

  • If marked with a NO ATL tag, you must under no circumstances leave the delivery unattended – even if the recipient has given you permission to do so. Arrange a paid return or re-delivery of the items.

  • If you’re ever unsure, contact Sherpa Support.

  • Do not provide alcohol to a minor.

  • Do not provide alcohol to an intoxicated person.

Be sure to contact Sherpa straight away if any complications arise and we will be sure to help you out.

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