Understanding the Driver Late Rate

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What is the Driver Late Rate?

The Driver Late Rate measures the percentage of late deliveries against your total deliveries within the current quarter.


Why is the Late Rate important?

Delivering items on time is crucial for customer satisfaction. However, occasional late deliveries are understood and accounted for.


How is the Late Rate calculated?

A delivery is considered late if it’s delivered after the 'Deliver By' time. However, delays beyond your control, such as long wait times at pickup locations or already late deliveries when accepted, are not counted against you.


Common Scenarios Explained

  1. Waiting at Pickup

    • Not Late: If wait time exceeds late time.
    • Late: If late time exceeds wait time.
  2. Accepting an Already Late Delivery

    • Not Late: If assignment time exceeds late time.
    • Late: If late time exceeds assignment time.
  3. Multiple Deliveries in Opposite Directions

    • This counts as late. It is your responsibility to assess if you can complete all deliveries on time before accepting.
  4. DropPoint Deliveries

    • Excluded from late rate due to long distance/short timeframe.
  5. Returns and Redeliveries

    • Count towards your late rate if delivered after the Delivery By time.
  6. Conflicting Commitments (i.e.: Multi-apping)

    • Counts as late if Sherpa delivery is delayed due to other commitments.
  7. Traffic Delays

    • Normal traffic delays are accounted for. Severe delays due to extraordinary events can be exempted with evidence.


What should I do if I have questions about my Late Rate?

Contact Sherpa Support for assistance via chat or phone.


Important Tips

  • Always review delivery details before accepting.
  • Communicate with Sherpa Support for any unusual delays or issues.
  • Remember, it's better to wait for a suitable delivery than to risk being late.
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