How does the warning system work?

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Sherpa adheres to an official warning system in writing.

As a driver, you can have three official warnings on your account, except for Grade 1 warnings, which result in direct deactivation of your account.

Upon receiving three Grade 2 or 3 warnings, your account may be deactivated.

If you receive a warning, you might be asked to complete a warning specific refresher training before accessing your account again.

Incidents and subsequent warnings for serious breaches of safety, confidentiality, or unacceptable behaviour are reviewed or issued by upper management.

Sherpa Warning System

Grade 1 - Unethical Conduct
- Account will be deactivated immediately

Grade 1 - RSA Failure
- After a Grade 1 RSA related warning, a driver will lose access to alcohol deliveries indefinitely.

- NOTE: If a driver is found to be incorrectly using the app's flow to get around RSA laws, (eg. verbally requesting DOB details instead of requesting to sight a valid ID), then the driver may also receive a Grade 2 - Professional Misconduct warning in addition to the Grade 1 - RSA Failure warning.

Grade 2 - RSA Failure
- 2x RSA failures will result in your account being blacklisted from alcohol deliveries.

Grade 2 - Professional Misconduct
- Warning will stay on your account forever.

Grade 3 - Delivery Misconduct
- Warning will be deleted after 6 months.


Please note - This is a non-exhaustive list. Other cases of non-compliance with the contractual agreement and onboarding manual may also result in a warning or account deactivation.


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